Sunday, January 27, 2013

Michigan Radio Website Response

The website for Michigan Radio is great! It is very easy to navigate, and is also aesthetically pleasing. I even find it much easier to use than the New York Times website! When I go to the NY Times website, I am overwhlemed with multiple blocks of small texts. The Michigan Radio website, on the other hand, is far less intimidating. Rather than cramming all the news stories on the main page, I appreciate Michigan Radio set-up of allowing the reader to scroll down for more news stories. It is easier on the eyes (especially for those of us with poor sight), and is less "in your face," like NY Times.

Regarding non-aesthetic parts of the website, everything is really easy to use. There is nothing confusing nor unclear-- it is all very straightforward! I also appreciate the "Most Active Stories" column on the side, because now I don't have to search for the most active stories on my own.

Overall, great website. A+. So easy, kids could use it!

CC Kathy Cassidy

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