Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Summary Post

These are the assignments that I have completed this week:
  • Three daily creates: one here and two here.
  • A response to RIP: A Remix Manifesto, found here
  • A response to M. Wesch's videos right here
  • This brief video introducing myself
I think that I completed the requirements of the week's assignments very well, but I'm still somewhat sure about what is expected out of a response blog post, or even this weekly summary post. I had trouble thinking of a creative way to respond to one of our homework assignments, because I wanted to try something different. I'm afraid that blog posts with personal reactions may be getting boring, so I'm trying to respond to the assignments in unconventional ways to make my blog more interesting. I also had problems uploading my video to youtube, and ended up having to use my friends computer. From this, I learned that general safari does not suffice for uploading videos, and my laptop doesn't support any other browser.

What I would do differently with this week's assignments is perhaps script my introduction video, because I wasn't really sure what to talk about, or for how long I should speak. The only questions I have at this point are those regarding requirements for blog posts and examples of a good assignment response.

Some of the larger issues surrounding my work are all related to reevaluating our current copyright laws, and why they truly remain (the answer to this is profit, and not progress). It is interesting living in a generation that is actively redefining the way we communicate on both a small scale and large scale.

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  1. Hey, I wouldn't worry about not being innovative fast enough in terms of blog posts. We're still just sorting all of this stuff out (working out bugs with uploading, etc.). I'm thinking that it will get easier, thinking up different ways to do a weekly summary, I mean. For the video section, videos. For photography, a slideshow. Etc.

    I'm not on a mac, so I'm not sure about the safari/youtube issues, but I would put out a blast on twitter (even a class tweet with #umdst) and see if anybody has any advice. Do you ever use firefox? Don't know if that would be a better fit (that's what I use on my pc).

    Solid post, good work Aja