Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Summary Post

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This week, I've completed:
  • Response to "What's Your Personal Social Media Strategy?"
  • Response to
  • Registration with
  • Two daily creates: here and here
  • Slept
  • Took an interesting photo (go to: this daily create, previously introduced) 
 I think that I did well with completing the requirements of this week's assignments. I had the most trouble responding to, because I didn't have anything profound to say about the way the website function. I think that I was able to get my point across though. I enjoyed the daily creates most, because those don't even feel like homework. I learned a lot about social media strategy this week, and the way marketers should be approaching consumers. The one question I have right now is how are we able to view everyone's blog updates on one website? It's on, correct? Also, should we have a target range of how many comments we should be posting per week?

Some of the larger issues surrounding my work, or the work I've read, are related to using social media in strategic ways. Social media has an array of uses, and we (I) need to start taking more advantage of it!

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  1. Hey Aja,

    Great post! I think it takes a few days once everyone registers for it to come up on the ds106 site (that was your question, right?). They use feedburner, I believe, to aggregate.