Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Response to Radiolab: "Deception"

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Something I found interesting about listening to the two radio shows (Radiolab: “Deception” and This American Life: “Valentine’s Day 2013″) one after the other are their stark contrasts. While "Deception"spoke about how people began to lose all trust and faith in mankind after they were exposed to compulsive liars like Hope, "Valentines Day 2013" included an interview about a boy who was completely enamored by a narcotic officer. However, after the officer exposed herself, the boy's trust didn't seem to be phased  by this revelation at all. It is just interesting how both shows contradict each other in that aspect.

In other news, I really enjoyed "Deception." I think it may have been the content that made it more interesting than This American Life's show, but I'm not sure. I also appreciated "Deception's" consistency with style, whereas This American Life had multiple different stories. Radiolab's appeal also had something to do with the jumping introduction about the snake. I was listening to it very late last night while everybody in my house was asleep, and was somewhat creeped out at times. It had a lot of erie music and quick loud noises. They were likely just adding to the strangeness that comes with analyzing pathologic liars, because they are still somewhat of a mystery and are viewed negatively.

At the end of the show, they talked about how liars are happier because they are able to lie to themselves about the realities of life, and the radio hosts made this seem like a positive thing. However, it seemed really selfish to me. I think that life is all about helping other people, especially those in need. Therefore, when people lie to themselves about the deadly reality so many people encounter everyday, something is going wrong. If you are only thinking about yourself and your happiness at all times, then something needs to change. I think we all should sacrifice a bit of our happiness to help make other people happy.

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