Saturday, February 2, 2013

Response to "The Syncher, Not the Song,” by Douglas Wolk

The song "Dragostea din Tei," popularized in America by the infamous Numa Numa youtube video, quickly became a recognized tune before you could say "vârcolac." I even remember once making a video where I briefly did the Numa Numa dance. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find this video (I think youtube took it down because it was uploaded right when they realized that they can be jerks and get away with it). I always figured that it was a one hit wonder song from the nineties, or an old song by Eifel 65, which is probably a one hit wonder band anyway. I had never actually seen the Numa Numa video until this article, and was initially introduced to the song by friends or strangers randomly singing it as a joke. It came so quickly, and was so catchy, that I thought the song had always been around. Classic goofy song. I did a quick youtube search and even found out that my favorite animal, the pug, even had a numa numa video. Unfortunately, the french bulldog and boxer (also a few of my favorite dog breeds) did not have good ones, but a pug is a pretty obscure animal.  I take this video of a pug starring in his very own Numa Numa dance video as proof that they really are one of the greatest dog breeds of all time.

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  1. When I played this video at work, one of the girls working with me freaked out: "Is that a pug!?" and then she looked the video up herself. The video should be viral imminently...