Friday, February 8, 2013

Video One: "The Guy Who Slipped"

I knew I wanted to make a stop-motion for my first movie, but I decided that using another person would be easiest. Rather than me having to move the subject after every shot, the subject can simply move itself, which makes the process go much quicker. After this decision I grabbed my housemate, my camera, a random "CAUTION" sign, and we ran up to the fourth floor of Angell Hall. I initially wanted my housemate, Sam, to slip on a banana, but he accidentally ate the banana earlier in the day, and already threw away the peel.

The actual photographing process was smooth for the most part, except for those random people who walked out of the classrooms and through the hallways. Sam was more distraught than I was, since he was the one dragging himself across the floor. He ended up getting a floor burn on his hand, but I compensated him with Insomnia cookies.

After the photographing took place, I tried editing the movie in imovie 6 on my laptop. For an unknown reason, imovie would not let the duration of each photo under 0.3 seconds, which was way too long, so I took my work to the fishbowl. The imovie's there were better, but not by much- they wouldn't let photos last for under 0.1 seconds. I figured that would have to be okay, since I didn't have many other options. The editing took much more time than any other part in the video making process, but I realized that there is no point in obsessing over it. Since I couldn't make the frames pass quicker, I am now telling people that this video is a slow-motion version of Sam's fall.

The song is by Giuliano Carmignola, taken from Soundcloud. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome video! Sorry about the stop motion frustration (I was about to recommend going to MLB 2nd floor for editing) but I think you did a fantastic job. Hilarious, well shot and well edited. Great, great work.

  2. This video was AWESOME! It combined funny with great editing! Just looking at this video you helped me remember that maybe simple story lines may be better than complex ones. Now i'm inspired for my video two. THANKS!

  3. Great choice is background song for the sliding, it added much drama for someone sliding along on the floor. Great job in convincing someone to slide along the dirty floor of Mason Hall, I don't know if i would do that, even for Insomnia Cookies