Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Summary Post

CC Taylor Sloan

This week, I completed:
  • Response to "The Reality Principle"
  • Response to "How to Read a Movie"
  • 3 video/daily creates: 1, 2, and 3
  • First completed movie
The main problems I encountered this week were those related to editing my first movie, which I already described in the initial blog post. Just to recap, I couldn't make the duration of each photo in the stop-motion under 0.1 seconds. That seems quick, but my video actually looks like it's slow motion. I've already made peace with the slow motion aspect of the video, and am proud of my work!

Another reoccurring problem is my laptop's inability to upload videos to youtube. I typically use my housemates laptop, but he's not here, so that's why I was forced to do a photo as my daily create, even though I really wanted to talk about my favorite foreign word! For the record, my favorite foreign word is "saudade." It is a Portuguese word that does not have a direct translation into English. To have "saudades" is to have a feeling of nostalgia for someone or something. Estou com saudades do Brasil e tudo que está relacionado com minha memoria lá!

I look forward to making my next two videos. I already have the footage for one, but I may just nix that idea and do something different. The footage I have now is of a bunch of goofy animals that I take care of at work.

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  1. You should still do the video create and post it! I know we all want to hear about it....