Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Summary Post

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This week's completed assignments:

This was a fairly relaxed week, then again there is no such thing as a week at the University of Michigan that is void of challenges. I actually finished my second video project days ago, and even wrote my blog last week, but it has been sitting as a draft because Blogger wouldn't allow me to select the new video from the "My Youtube Videos" option. I waited for a couple days to see if it would change, but it still didn't allow me tonight. I then realized that I can search my Youtube username in the "From Youtube" section to access my video, and that is what I did!

Additionally, I am still unable to upload videos directly from my personal laptop. My usual resource (my roommate's laptop) was nowhere in my off-campus house, and walking to the library after being on my feet 12 hours for work was out of the question, so it is a week of all Daily Create photographs. Pictures are not necessarily less interesting than videos though, and I think my photographs still have something to offer!

As I approach my third video project, I think I may work with an already existing Youtube video. So far, I've created all original videos that don't build off of anyone else's. It's time to gain more experience changing and re-editing content that is already on the web.

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