Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Summary

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Assignments completed:
This has been an interesting week working with audio and Soundcloud. Like many other students in the class, I am somewhat unfamiliar with this form of media, so I am excited to start absorbing all of the new skills! Even working with this weeks fairly light workload (the audio creates and the vox pop) was somewhat challenging. The main problems are from working with an older computer. After recording all the responses for the vox pop, I tried putting them together from Garageband to export them into itunes, but Garageband couldn't find one of my files! It was the response from my housemate, Carisa. I googled around to try to find out how to access it from somewhere else in my computer, but still no luck. After one hour of trying to find an answer (I was determined to solve this mystery), but ten minutes left to post it on my blog, my frustration settled in and I decided to post to Soundcloud what I had. Carisa responded with her irrational fear about how she is afraid of both cockroaches, and also KILLING cockroaches. Now that I have experience with Garageband and Soundcloud, hopefully my next experience will be smoother.

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