Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Audio Project 1: Dating and Feminism

Here is my final draft of my audio piece on dating for our class radio show!

Although I initially wanted to do my dating audio piece on couples fighting, I had difficulty coming up with a compelling idea to structure it around. I then decided to do something that I identify strongly with: feminism. This was inspired by a guy friend who recently told me that his girlfriend recently asked him if he was a feminist, and he had no idea how to respond! So he consulted me about it since I don't show away from claiming the term.

From there, I started to wonder if other guys on campus were still afraid, or confused by the term. I started out just by asking the first people I saw at the library what they would do if the person they just started dating told them they were a feminist. I used neutral terms in case they were gay. I think I interviewed a fairly diverse group of men, but at the same time, Ann Arbor is an extremely liberal city, so I don't think the answers I received on campus accurately represent all college-aged men in the U.S. Nonetheless, I got interesting answers, and I was on my way to editing!

I first searched for a song, because I knew that I wanted something fun and upbeat. I just browsed through my itunes until I found "Gone Daddy Gone" by The Violent Femmes. I didn't have the instrumental version, so I went to SoundCloud and quickly found a homemade version.

I then new I wanted to the piece to have a beginning, middle, and end, so I created a narrative for the beginning. And then had it flow easily to the interview answers, which formed the middle, and ended with a short summary of my findings. I then added extra sounds where deemed fit. The production definitely took me a couple hours, but I had fun playing around with the editing. Garageband isn't completely straight forward so it was a bit hard, but I liked the learning process. I then incorporated the comments I received from the NPR guests, and re-recorded a few sentences to make sure I was using the right word, and BAM! The piece is finished! Please enjoy!

The recording device I used was a Zoom H4N Handy Recorder that I checked out from ISS. Besides having to drag it around everywhere, it was very easy to use and the sound quality was great.

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