Sunday, March 31, 2013

Design Create: Fantasy Ted Talk

For whatever reason, I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate grumpy cat in this ted talk, so I found a random image of him on the web. I used dragged the cat image to the provided Ted Talk template, and then used the lasso on the sidebar to trace out grumpy cat. The trace isn't perfect, but I still think it turned out well. I then inverted the image, clicked the paintbrush from the sidebar, and then erased the background image of the grumpy cat so just he (or she) could appear on the Ted Talk image. I then undid the inverse, and clicked "free transform" to change the size and location of the cat.

I went through the same process to get the image of earth being destroyed. I thought it would be silly to do something about grumpy cat wanting to destroy the world, since most memes are about how he hates everything. This Ted Talk is a result of that idea.

1 comment:

  1. I like that Grumpy Cat looks grumpy, sure, but he also looks stern, like a drill sergeant looking for recruits? Maybe it's just me.