Saturday, March 23, 2013

Design Project: Bad Photo with Vintage Effect

My first design project! I first started with a pretty bland camera phone picture that I took of my friend playing the ukulele a few weeks ago:

All of the versions of Gimp that I had previously downloaded don't work on my computer, for whatever reason. Even though the application opens, there aren't any options to do anything. I will likely go to the fishbowl for most (or all) of my design projects, but I was too anxious to get started messing around with design, so I started in iphoto. I first blurred the image. I then sent it to a Word document to add the text. I found out that Word also has a ton of special effects for photos, so that is where I was able to change it to a cool purple scale. 

For the words, I googled "inspirational music quotes," and I found one by Maya Angelou that started out as "Music was my refuge," and decided to use that. I then played around with text placement and liked it at the top of the image, so I set it at that. After that, the image was complete!

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