Sunday, March 31, 2013

Minimalism on the Web

CC Flickr Spacesick

This poster is compelling because Edward Scissorhands is a weird, underrated film that I thought most people forgot about, so I was happy to see that people are still remembering! I also like that it was so literal, though I probably would have somehow emphasized that his fingers were the scissors by making them sharper. The heart also makes it clear that it is actually a love story.

The poster doesn't really make me think of anything, which is why I like it. It is unique and draws your attention by it's randomness.

Williams' "contrast" concept is most prevelant in this poster through its color constrast (white and bright blue on black), as well as the contrast between a heart signifying love, and the pair of broken, creepy, unlovable hands.

Williams' "repetition" concept is also clear int he way that all images in the poster are broken up into pieces- not just the hands.

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