Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Favorite "Album Without Sound"

It took me a while to pick one album, because I had so many favorites, but I finally settled on this one. The supposed band is "MFL" and the album title "No one else can see." I was drawn to this album because it is a really interesting image in the way that it plays with light. The block text combined with the image reminds me of a cool electronic band. Also, the blue colors for the band name against the gray image is absolutely perfect, because it makes the text pop out to the viewer.

The composition is perfect because your eyes are drawn to both the interesting image and the bold text. The typeface gives the album an even stronger electronic feel, which I totally dig. I probably keep thinking electronic band because MFL is kind of similar to MGMT. It is also interesting that the album is titled "No one else can see" because the ability to see is directly related to light, and this photograph is using light in an interesting way. Perhaps it means that we are the only ones who can see the hand because there is no one else in the photo, so the flashlight is allowing us see a secret (the hand).

Overall, I enjoyed looking through the website and still think that the album above is still by far one of the coolest.

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