Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Summary Post

CC Derek Mueller

What I have done this week:
  • Read excerpts from How Images Think by Ron Burnett and "Images" by Robert Hass
  • Blogged about one of the readings
  • Completed two design projects: here and here
  • Finalized my two audio projects: here and here
This week, I did a lot of radio work and design work. The radio work was definitely a lot more stressful, because of the nature of when it was due (Wednesday opposed to Sunday), and they are worth a higher grade. Overall, I learned a lot about producing a good audio piece, and am also really interested in radio now! I appreciate what radio has to offer, and all of the hard work that goes into a good piece.

The design work for this week wasn't as hard, but it was definitely a new experience. I have just about no experience with design, so messing around with the different effects to create a desired image was fun. I'm excited to learn how to do more advanced design work. Although this will require that I go to the fishbowl every time I do design work, I am still ready and willing to learn.

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