Sunday, April 14, 2013

Response to "Masters of Photography: Diane Arbus"

Photograph of Diane Arbus, CC Allan Arbus/The Estate of Diane Arbus, LLC

Although I was overall not very impressed with this video about Diane Arbus, I think there are a few interesting points worth talking about:
  • According to the video, technique comes from choices deep down inside, and a lot of it is luck or ill luck. As a non-professional photographer, this statement comforts me. Probably because I can say that my bad picture taking is really not completely my fault. Also, if technique comes from choices deep down inside, then great photographers are naturals at it. Of course you can teach technique, but I think the best photographers already have a special talent.
  • Diane Arbus said that she never took a picture that she intended. I find this intriguing because I would be disappointed in myself if I never was able to do what I intended. However, Arbus thinks not achieving her intentions is positive. Perhaps photography is different because it is that element of not knowing exactly how the photograph will look after snapping the shot. Even that seems strange to me though, because the view finder allows us to see the image before photographing it. Or, maybe Arbus is happy that she was able to surprise herself with every photo, because they've exceeded her expectations. It's somewhat unclear. 

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