Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Summary

This weeks completed assignments:

I felt much more comfortable after leaving the design section for the all to familiar world of photography. I really struggled with design and still feel like I didn't really grasp much from that section, but I think that is in large part do to the fact that I am Photoshop illiterate, and it would take more than a few weeks to become a pro at it. For future courses, I would recommend that instead of splitting up one section between design and photography, it would be best to focus on one of those two. I think both topics are important to this class, so maybe one semester the class focuses on design for the section, and the following semester could be photography. That means students could pick which semester to take this class, knowing the difference. Yet this is assuming that this course will be offered year-round, which isn't necessarily true...yet?

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I wonder if it would be better if, maybe, photography came first? Maybe switch the entire order--photo, design, audio, video? I get your point about the starting-from-scratch labor involved in photoshop/gimp.